Public Data Access

Data from a number of stations (including EKA, LPW, LLW and SBD in the UK, and UK-territories IMS stations) are available for download via the following form. Enter a start date/time and a duration, then select the desired stations and/or channels. Various commonly used seismic data formats are available, and station metadata can be downloaded separately if desired.

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Use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
Stations belong to one or more networks.
Most stations only provide a subset of channels.
Please use shift-click in order to select multiple stations and/or channels.
Please be patient, it might take a few seconds to find the data.

Below you can find an overview of the date ranges of data for the possible arrays available from BDSweb. If You are unable to find an available channel for a specific station, please adjust the selected date range as that station may have a different date range.

ArrayStart dateEnd Date


Please use the citation below if using data sourced from this webpage:
Blacknest. (1960). UK_Net, Blacknest Array [Data set]. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks.

When using this service you will encounter the following terms:

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Station/Array A station is an entity where one or more seismometers are located (or other sensors). The maps below show the names and locations of UKNET stations and some overseas ones. Often multiple stations are arranged close together in a formation so as to be able to determine the direction of propagation of waves, this is called an array. If you select an array the service will return data for all elements within that array. You can select multiple stations or arrays but the system limits the overall number of channels to 100.
Network A network is a group of stations. Individual stations or arrays may belong to multiple networks. This service currently serves data belonging to the Blacknest network "BN". Please note that data from some stations may be available from other data centres using different FDSN network codes.
Channel Stations usually output multiple streams of data called channels (for instance seismometers often have three channels to measure direction of ground motion). Channels names are standardised, for more information please refer to this guide (external link).
Metadata Metadata refers to detailed data describing stations and channels (in contrast to time-series data describing ground motion), including the station location, which particular instruments are used, how they are calibrated and the response information. For more information please refer to this guide (external link).
UKNET stations UKNET stations (click to expand).
Overseas stations Overseas stations (click to expand).